How Does Pipe Relining Work?

Step 1

Our highly qualified team feed a robotic camera into your pipes to inspect the pipes and locate the problem. At Fluid Pipe Relining we use the latest in CCTV cameras to inspect the pipes and locate the problem, be it a blockage or damage to the pipe itself e.g cracks etc

Step 2

Our high pressure jet will clear the pipes of any waste, grease, debris, or tree roots that have built up over time.

Step 3

Now comes the actual ‘relining’, a bladder that is covered in a thick resin is inflated in the defective pipe, pushing the resin against the pipe wall. The pressure in the bladder is maintained until the resin sets and dries.

Step 4

Finally we use our cameras to inspect the new pipework and ensure all areas have been repaired. Our CCTV footage allows us to show you your pipe work before and after relining so you feel confident in the results. Our clean up policy will make sure any areas we have worked will be returned to their original states.

Step 5

You have a perfect new, watertight pipe within the old one, which has a life expectancy of up to 50 years.

How Our Technology Works

Before and After


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