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Looking for Pipe Relining Experts in Chiswick?

With over 20 years of experience, Fluid Pipe Relining have formed a solid reputation in the field and trust amongst many Chiswick homeowners. We are ready to come out to repair your leaking pipes and are up to date with the newest techniques and technology to unblock drains and reline pipes efficiently and effectively.

Trenchless Pipe Relining in Chiswick

In the past, you had to dig up your broken pipes and remove them before deciding whether to repair or replace them. This technique could take several days or weeks, requiring much preparation, while costing your precious time and energy.
Fluid Pipe Relining now use the modern technique of pipe relining to repair broken and leaking pipes without the need for excavation. This not only potentially saves your garden, flooring, or driveway from being dug up, it also saves you money.
With this pipe relining procedure, Chiswick residents are more aware of the work that can be undertaken to skilfully turn old pipes into functioning, repaired pipes without wreaking havoc to any surrounding homes.

Why Do You Need Your Pipes Relined and Repaired in Chiswick?

There are many causes for damaged pipes and drains in Chiswick and we run through the top 3 reasons below:

Tree Root Damage

This might surprise you but tree roots cause damage to pipes and drains more than anything else. Clay pipes used to be installed with rubber ring joints, and once these rubber joints start disintegrating in the earth, the drain would leak, letting the tree roots to enter.

Evidently, this would start causing problems because the roots would take over the pipes and create problems with drainage.

Ageing Pipes

Clay pipe systems run throughout the underground of Sydney. This city has some incredibly old infrastructure, and we have seen piping technology come a long way in its 200+ year history.

Presently, there has been more movement detected above ground due to the city being built on clay and sandstone. This is particularly relevant during the wet or drier seasons, putting stress on the old pipes which would lose their flexibility over time and be more likely to crack.

DIY Renovation

With our recent situation, many Sydney homeowners have taken it upon themselves to renovate their properties through DIY methods or with a professional. Your pipes are concealed behind walls, floors, and the dirt in our yards and are an important part of how everything works together in a home.

Many homeowners think they know where their pipes and drains are located, and the next minute they have accidentally dug into or pierced one of their main pipes! You don’t need to stress if this happens to you, just give Fluid Pipe Relining a quick call and they will come out to you in no time.

Types of Pipes That Can Be Relined in Chiswick Properties

Storm Water and Sewer Pipes

Asbestos and Cement Pipes

PVC Pipes

Cast Iron and Copper Pipes

Pressure Pipes


Leaking or blocked pipes can be expensive to repair and cause unwanted problems as a homeowner in Chiswick. As a result of tree root infestation, movement in the ground and ageing pipes, drainage systems can get blocked in homes, ensuing in extensive and costly damage for Chiswick property owners.

This is why you should get in touch with Fluid Pipe Relining for a cost-effective and permanent solution to your damaged pipes.

Why Choose Fluid Pipe Relining for Chiswick Pipe Relining Services?

The team at Fluid Pipe Relining are leading experts in pipe relining, and they are about fixing the entire problem and not just the symptoms.


We use the latest pipe relining technology, with our materials sourced from German-made Brawoliner, that repairs your damaged drain or pipe by creating a brand-new pipe inside of the existing one. This relining reshapes itself inside the old pipe, which means that this solution is suitable for many different shaped and sized pipes

Satisfied Customers

With many happy customers and testimonials to back us up, we are highly confident in getting the job done accurately the first-time round.

Leading Expert

Fluid Pipe Relining was founded by the experienced plumber Brett Johnson and is now supported by his qualified, close team of 10. They have become a leading expert in pipe relining, blockages, and line repairs.

Obligation-Free Quotes

We are upfront about all our pricing and quotes. When you come to us with a pipe or drainage problem, we will provide you with honest information regarding all the possible solutions.
Unfortunately, pipe relining does not work in every scenario, and so pipe replacement by excavation is still required in some situations. For example, if the pipe has been severely damaged or even crushed.

Require Pipe Relining or Blocked Drain Services in Chiswick?

Fluid Pipe Relining offer services from clearing blocked drains and sewers to trenchless pipe relining in Chiswick and surrounds. Providing excellent service, quality workmanship and professional advice to our customers is the top priority for Fluid Pipe Relining.

If you need assistance with your drain or sewer pipe in Chiswick, call Fluid Pipe Relining on 0410 522 799 today and our expert plumbers will come to your place and give you a lasting solution with the help of pipe relining in Chiswick.