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As piping systems age and undergo damage, they are more prone to leaking, cracking, and blockages. This is where pipe relining can help by instantly repairing pipes with the use of a thick resin lining to give your existing pipes new life! Long gone are the days of messy and expensive excavations required for traditional pipe replacements, pipe relining is your no-mess and efficient solution.

Western Sydney is made up of suburbs that are directly west, north-west and south-west of the Sydney CBD. This area has experienced rapid growth in recent years, expanding the housing and business landscape. It has also increased the pressure on our piping and sewerage systems, and pipe relining has become the one-stop solution to permanently fix drains.

Due to the age and density of Sydney houses, damaged pipes are usually a nightmare to fix, but Fluid Pipe Relining offers pipe relining as the best solution for your Western Sydney home or business. Our experienced team has been serving Western Sydney for years, hence, we have local expertise and knowledge, facilitating us to repair your pipes right the first time.

What Does Pipe Relining in Western Sydney Involve?

There is possibly no more dreaded “home improvement” project than having to replace a sewerage or stormwater piping system. It is not only a traditionally expensive process, but it also does nothing to improve your property’s appearance, but believe it or not, pipe relining is the answer to all your problems.

Pipe relining is a modern procedure that plumbers use to reline the interior of pipes, effectively repairing them from the inside out. If pipe relining has been deemed to be an appropriate fix, here is a brief rundown of the relining process:

  • Our technician will place a CCTV camera into your pipe to identify the state of your pipe system.
  • A high-pressure water jet is used to clear any tree roots and debris from the inside of the pipe.
  • A bladder of thick resin is inflated inside the pipe to “reline” it, requiring a few hours to dry and set.

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Advantages Of Pipe Relining Over Conventional Pipe Repairs

Pipe relining has numerous benefits when compared to traditional pipe repairs, and here are some of the many benefits:

Trenchless “No Dig” Solution

One of the biggest advantages is that relining does not involve digging up your driveway or garden; the work is completed from within the pipe. This saves you money for the hiring of the excavation equipment and from patching up your driveway and lawn.

Faster Turnaround

Without requiring you to dig or backfill, pipe relining only takes a fraction of the time in contrast to traditional pipe repairing techniques.

Long Term

Pipe relining is a long-term solution for the repairing of sewerage or stormwater drains. The pipes we repair are now four times stronger than standard PVC pipes, keeping out tree roots and increasing the life of your pipes by 50+ years.

Why Use Fluid Pipe Relining?

20 Years’ Experience

Headed by founder Brett Johnson, we are an owner-operated small business committed to providing top quality, reliable, and proficient service.

Quoted Pricing

We are honest about our pricing and each job is quoted in full, with no hidden fees or extras.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pipe relining is exceedingly long-lasting and durable; we even guarantee our work for 40 years!

Fluid Pipe Relining: Your Plumbing & Pipe Relining Specialists in Western Sydney

At Fluid Pipe Relining, we understand all things plumbing and the relining process exhaustively. Our close team is efficient and professional at every stage of the job, and we have the proper equipment needed to carry out this specialised process. With us on board, you can expect that there will be no mistakes, saving you money, time, and unnecessary disruption to your daily life.

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