Parramatta Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining Can Put An End To Your Blocked Drains!

When your drain or sewerage pipe in your home or business is damaged, Fluid Pipe Relining can be there to solve your problems! We are a dedicated team of expert plumbers who are committed to providing great service with the latest equipment for the job. Blocked or clogged drains are not only bothersome but they should be fixed quickly before any serious damage can occur.

Pipe relining helps to avoid messy excavations and overpriced pipe replacements. In Parramatta, the main causes for cracked pipes are invasive tree roots and old plumbing infrastructure.

If you have leaking pipes (stormwater, sewerage, or water mains) in your home or business, call Fluid Pipe Relining on 0410 522 799 and we will talk you through how our relining services can help you!

What Is the Pipe Relining Process in Parramatta?

We use Brawoliner, a German company that manufactures the innovative pipe relining product, to repair damaged and cracked pipes. The process involves restoring pipes by applying them with a special form of resin from the inside. After the pipe has been relined by our technicians, this layer needs time to set, forming a new, stronger pipe. We even show you our CCTV footage so you can see the incredible before and after results of our pipe relining work.

What Is the Pipe Relining Process in Parramatta?

Here are the main causes of blocked drains and cracked pipes:

Tree Roots

Tree roots are recognised as the leading cause of blockages in piping systems. As living organisms, tree roots search for moisture in the ground and are drawn to any cracks in water pipes. An indication of tree root invasion is a gurgling sound coming from your drains.  

Ageing Infrastructure

Pipes can eventually break down, especially in older properties or properties that use clay and terracotta pipes. Their joints can also come apart and move, causing the pipe to sag and leak. We use CCTV cameras to inspect your pipes to find the problem.

Accidental Damage

Our pipes are hidden behind walls, floors, and the dirt in our yards, and can be occasionally damaged when other work is being done. Don’t worry if this happens to you, simply give Fluid Pipe Relining a call!

Most cracked pipes in Parramatta and surrounds occur in these two types of pipes:

  • Terracotta and Clay Piping – Terracotta and clay pipe systems can be found throughout the undergrounds of Sydney. These systems are held together by sand cement or rubber ring joints, which are prone to deterioration. Parramatta has some old infrastructure, and pipe relining is your best option for quick, long-term repairs.
  • PVC Piping – Did you know that improperly installed piping can lead to cracks and leaks? Any ground movement or added weight above ground can also put added stress on these pipes, potentially causing blockages.

Advantages of Using Pipe Relining with Fluid Pipe Relining

Cost-Effective Solution

As the relining process does not need excavations or restorations, you can reline pipes at a fraction of the cost of regular pipe repairs. This procedure is also more cost-effective as less labour and time are required to complete the process.

No-Mess, No-Fuss

In contrast to pipe replacements, pipe relining causes significantly less disruption to your property. There is no need to involve your neighbours or the whole street when pipes are being relined, taking the headache out of solving your plumbing problems.


The majority of pipe systems in Parramatta can be relined, regardless of their material, and this process can be used to repair most faults. Get in touch with the experts at Fluid Pipe Relining to see if relining can fix your plumbing issues here!

Long Term

Relined pipes are designed to keep out future tree root invasions and are expected to last 50 years. Once the procedure is completed, you will not have to worry about dealing with plumbing problems at any time in the near future.

On The Hunt for Pipe Relining or Blocked Drain Services in Parramatta?

Fluid Pipe Relining specialise in blocked drain services, trenchless pipe relining, and blocked sewerage services. Our team of plumbers are efficient, professional, and can take the worry out of your plumbing needs. We aim to provide the highest quality plumbing services for households and businesses at a fair rate, and we are on time, every time.

Our fully qualified team has many years of experience providing practical plumbing solutions in Parramatta and its surrounds. Contact Fluid Pipe Relining on 0410 522 799 for a quote and inspection today!