Blocked Sewers


Not only frustrating, a blockage in your sewer can cause serious damage to your property if you don’t address the issue, not to mention be a health hazard to you and your family.

The sewer line in your house is under constant pressure, it’s the meeting point for all the waste water in your home. The kitchen, bathrooms, laundry…all connect to your sewer making it susceptible to blockages.

BLOCKED-DRAIN Fluid-Pipe-Relining-img-1

Some of the most common causes for blockages in the sewer are tree roots, foreign objects and cooking fats.

More indications you might have a blockage
in your sewer

  • Slow draining water in the sink or bath

  • Gurgling sounds coming from the drains or toilet

  • Water backing up in the sinks and showers

What do we do…


Our CCTV camera allows us to inspect the pipe and find out what is causing the blockage. The camera is inserted into the pipe and via a monitor we are able to diagnose the problem whether it be a blockage like tree roots or damage such as cracks in the pipe. The CCTV recordings help us provide an accurate quote and inspection.


We are fully equipped to remove any blockages and return a steady flow to your pipes. We use our powerful jet blast to clean and clear the pipe. The high pressured water from the jet can cut through tree roots, rubble, silt build up. We also have a robotic cutter that can break apart obstacles such as concrete and building materials should the jet not get through.


If once the has been inspected using our camera, blockage has been cleared, our equipment shows that the pipe is also damaged which can often be the case if you find it is blocking regularly, we can use our innovative pipe repair technologies to repair the damaged lengths of the pipe without having to dig up your garden and surrounds. Find out how it works HERE.

We are so confident in this service that we offer a 40 year guarantee on our work.